We are professional assistants with more than 10 years experience.

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We are experts with academic background who hold undergraduate, Master’s and PhD degrees on statistics. As academicians and researchers who have command of and experience in all stages of data analysis, we will guide you through your needs in the fields that you seek statistical solutions and make sure that you overcome obstacles easily that look huge to you. Another task of ours is to make sure that you overcome the period during which we work together without stress and by taking joy.

We are professionally consulting about statistics since 2005, and we are happy to help you with the services described in services page through our renewed face. We are concentrating on your requests in your studies and continuing to progress by improving ourselves changing. With the principle of the trustworthy data, the right technique and reliable results, we provide you with full and continuous support without compromising on scientific approach and quality.

Importance of Our Skills

  • Academic Knowledge

    Knowledge is what allows us to drive cars instead of ride horses, it is what helps us survive far longer than we should, and knowledge is even what prevents us from making the same mistakes we made in the past. We have invested in ourself in order to gain academic knowledge of Statistics to be able to help you deal with specific problems where other people find it hard to overcome.

  • Practical Experience

    Although someone's knowledge is on firm footing, without experience, there will never be true knowledge. You may think you know, but only with experience will you have anything more than having an idea. It’s great to see things before because it helps you the next time the same thing happens. It means more accurate results and less mistakes each time you gain experience.

We are professional, competitive and competent in our service

We offer versatile and professional statistical solutions for any small to medium business, provide you powerful analysis and reliable results on your academic studies, guide and support you through your education/career based on statistics. We are proud to deliver reliable results through using trustworthy data and applying right technique. With more than 10 years experience on real-world tasks we are here to help you understand how effective the outcome of numbers through powerful analysis, thus how to add value to your business. Depending on the work carried out, you will be aware of how good your product or service is and what you should do more to make it better, understand your customers' needs and what you should do to keep them satisfied, and get many more business related solutions in return for your investment via our statistical consultancy.

Trustworthy Data

Data are not just numbers, but numbers that carry information about a specific setting and need to be interpreted in that setting. It is critical to assess and assure data trustworthiness in statistics so that effective decisions can be made based on different data.

Right Technique

There are many types of statistical analysis, and usually data could be analyzed in multiple ways, each of which could yield legitimate answers. Knowing what type of project is in hand and what sort of data to be collected can be useful in determining the best analytical approach.

Reliable Result

The results of your statistical analyses help us to understand the outcome of our study. When statistical principles are correctly applied, statistical analyses tend to produce accurate results. Achieve accurate results from raw data is essential in statistics.